Sunday 1 June 2014

Sunday lunch... with Baby Seb

Seb, my youngest ever guest, with mum Louise
Jason Suttie rang me. Yes, it is a similar name. But that wasn't his problem. His parents were over from Australia for his son's christening. The plan was to go to church and then enjoy a decent lunch in a local gastropub or restaurant. Trouble was... he couldn't find any. Could I, would I, do a Sunday?

I could.

I'm glad I did. Great weather. All very convivial. Lovely to see friends and family relax with my food. I might do it again. Give me a call. Convince me.

Look, it's a baby and I'm a bit of a wuss. I took lots of pics. Forget about the food on this occasion (lamb and choc tart again; nothing to report). This was all about family.

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