Sunday 22 June 2014

Dried fruit or vegetable slices

Anything that can be sliced finely can be dried to a crisp. I often do apples, onions, tomatoes and more recently: strawberries. Slice with a knife (duh!) or better, a mandolin and dry on baking parchment, silicon sheet or Silpat for at least three hours in the oven at 70°C. It's an interesting and unusual (but simple) way to present everyday produce.

Veg should be seasoned first, especially tomatoes. Not just salt and pepper; I sometimes dust with smoked paprika or ground coriander. Fruit can benefit from a light brushing of sugar syrup - I often use a vanilla syrup on my apple slices - but it's not necessary; it just takes time and a low heat.

Peel the backing away from the fruit, rather than pick the slices off. Kept in a sealed container, these will last for at least a week.

I've also had success with blanched citrus peel which can then be ground to create a tongue dance dusting for desserts.

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