Saturday 1 June 2013

The two Emmas and a world class illusionist.

Nothing much to report about the food. It's familiar stuff. Great night. Emma C's party of ten including repeat diners Emma Rigby (the wonderful entrepreneur behind LYD) and her husband Carl who was celebrating his birthday. Great evening with this lively group who were definitely going to enjoy themselves. Since I've started doing themed playlists there's been a lot more group singing at New River Restaurant. I suppose there aren't too many places you can enjoy fine dining while singing along to Wham's Last Christmas. 

The new recipe Yorkie puds went down a storm. They were the best I've ever made. Every one a riser.

Emma had also invited Mark Spelmann - an illusionist and conjuror. She had told me he was very good. I was too busy with frickin' dessert to see just how good he is. He's among the very best. Etien was keen to learn some new card tricks at least.

Anyway, bit exhausted now. Only had fours sleep last night and we have another party of ten tomorrow. Braised lamb shanks.

I'm feeling the need to rejuvenate my menus. Not sure where to look for inspiration though. I feel an internet trawl through other restaurants is imminent.

My son being wowed by Mark Spelmann. Etien had just been swimming - hence the hair.

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