Saturday 15 June 2013

Six very bloody, talented people... and a piece of pork.

A strange confluence of my passions when I end up cooking for a group of bloody 'creatives'. One writes for 'Stenders, one's won awards (actually, probably more than one), one's been body slammed by B.A. Baracus (true)... yadda, yadda. Not that I'm jealous of their youth and potential. I have no idea what they're all laughing at. Maybe someone said something funny? Maybe that thing was the word 'penis'? Who knows? It certainly wouldn't be me because I'm a writer so I'm much cleverererer than that. I'm sorry this photo doesn't have Tess looking into the camera but TBH it was a struggle to find one where she didn't have a drink to her lips.

And if you're thinking that the piece of pork was the one behind the camera... No, it's this fine sample of belly with the crispiest piece of crackling ever recorded in the UK. I'm very proud of it. I will probably give you the recipe after this long weekend of cooking has concluded. Trouble is, I didn't serve it to the gang above. 

No, their main course was salmon, served with roast toms, deep fried courgette, carrot, croutons and tarragon oil. Many thanks to Ms T. Booth of South London for the snap. I think fish, toms and croutons are a combo I will return to again.

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