Sunday 2 June 2013

Mysterious Mustachios (partying hard)

Eme's a neighbour and a friend. It was her birthday on Saturday and she celebrated it at ours with family and friends. As it was a special occasion I dusted off some of my old DJ equipment. It was a blast.

The pre-prandial pose. All nice and respectable.
The light was failing and I'm still not that skilled with the new camera.

But what's this? Who are these people?

Dinner done, the Kubiangha clan hit the floor.
Probably dancing to Azonto by Fuze ODG

Adam's having a rest, the girls keep going.

And that's (Grand) Mother Kubiangha giving it large!

1 comment :

  1. Amazing pictures to reflect a banging night. Jason thank you for helping me celebrate middle age with style. Wonderful food, relaxed atmosphere, who needs the west end, staying in is the new going out.