Monday 29 September 2014

Our second birthday - and how it all began

We've been going for two years.

The question I'm most asked is: why did I start? My eldest son, Fabian, was very keen to go on a month long trip to Borneo. This was going to cost in excess of £3000 (with equipment etc). The idea was that Fabian and us were meant to fund raise. A year earlier we'd raised £1500 to send him to The World Scout Jamboree in Sweden, partly by baking cakes and selling to friends but I'd had enough of baking (yeah, ironic) so I thought we'd open a 'supper club'. We have a great family dining space at the back of our house and I love cooking for friends.

We rang up our friends, saying: you know you've always said you'd pay for my food? Now's your chance. Friends brought friends who brought friends. Before long, I had strangers ringing saying: I hear you have a restaurant. Can I book?

To misquote Withnail: we'd started a business by mistake.

People ask me if I'd like to upscale to a restaurant. I don't. This is all I want, to serve private parties with honest food, the best I can make. Small is good.

Anway, our second birthday came and went. I've only just noticed. It was also our first weekend back after the August holidays.

Friday was Lala's birthday. Her first time with us.

Saturday was Helen, Amy, Olga, Kersten, Manjit and Penny. 
They've been before and they're coming again in December.

Both parties had the chocolate soufflés, served with salted toffee sauce and vanilla mascarpone. because I can't pause to take a photo as the soufflés come out I grabbed my camera only a few minutes later. This was the result.

It's a good dessert.

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