Sunday 26 May 2013

It's nice out

Great to finally open the patio doors and leave them open. Tonight was Danny's birthday. He and Natalie and their friends enjoyed indoors and out.

Danny and friends enjoy drinks, bread and nuts on the patio.

Mains was the beef shin again. It's a popular dish with lots of slow braised flavour. Easy gravy too. Just reduce the masses of braising liquor, made from the beef juices, beef stock, red wine and port. A touch of beurre manié to thicken and shine, maybe.

This is the bacon version

The starter was the non bacon version of my new herby French Gnocchi starter. Instead of the lardons I used slow roasted baby toms. These were dressed with oil, salt and pepper and a touch of smoked paprika before two hours of 80°C. I'm very happy with this dish and it's porky version. I think it might be my first signature starter.

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