Saturday 25 May 2013

From plant to plate in ten minutes

I have served some home grown vegetables for the first time. OK, so most of my herbs are from the garden but this is the big, serious, leafy stuff. I was inordinately excited to pick and serve some purple kale. Simply wilted in a hot pan with a splash of water and olive oil, some salt and white pepper and served as a bed for my braised chicken with tarragon butter sauce. The orange alien limb on the plate is roast carrot puree. Can't seem to photograph that so it looks tasty. Why does something warm and buttery look cold and rubbery (and some might say, phallic)? Anyway, the kale's key here.

In other garden news (how rock 'n' roll is my life!?)... the raised bed is largely planted. Here are LOTS of varieties of strawberry including wild, potatoes, tomatoes, lemon verbena, yellow courgettes, peas and soon... borage.

I hear that fresh potatoes, as in: less than twenty four hours old, are the bomb. I don't think I've ever had any. Makes sense though doesn't it? Why do we not value freshness with root veg?

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