Sunday 21 April 2013

Two more... ahem... essentials

Always the same, as soon as you hit the return key. How could I forget?

Also spelled with an additional 'e' (I've just discovered). Fascinating etymological history. A kitchen mandolin/e allows you to slice with a pre-determined thickness consistently and evenly. It also chips and juliennes. You can waffle cut with some labyrinthine two cut process that I've never been faffed to work out. Faster than a knife. OK, faster than me with a knife. Essential for slicing fruit for drying and for fine cutting squishy stuff like tomatoes that bulge and burst under a knife. I use it for preparing pomme dauphinoise or boulangere, chips, galettes and especially for fine slicing onions prior to a long roast on the puree path. Much easier to clean than the MagiMix, which let's face it, now it's not listening, is a bit of a pain in the arse.

I think this was bought for me by Mark Narraway, my best friend in school. I'd visited him at his girlfriend's house (now his wife) and used her mother's there. Her mother was German and I think the peeler is too. Anyway, it's probably thirty years old. I panic if I think this is lost but it's normally to be found hiding in plain sight in the dishwasher. It peels more thinly than others and has that handy stubby blade for de-blackbit-ing. I can do a potato in well under 20 seconds with this. Rubbish for carrots though.

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