Saturday 20 April 2013

Anna's birthday crew

Anna's Birthday; her 25th by the look of it.

Anna came as a very late booking, a result of a friend's recommendation (thanks Nish). They'd been looking for a restaurant to house the celebrations and hadn't found much locally. I think this is when the home restaurant comes into its own: a relaxed private space with a pre-arranged menu, your own drinks and a personalised soundtrack (in this case Garage, Old Skool and Hip Hop) you can talk as much as you like about whatever you like. There was eating and drinking and laughing and even a little dancing.

Starters were curd cheese soufflés; one of my reliable vegetarian standbys. Mains was braised beef shin and veg served with a roast onion soft polenta, roast shallot purée and chargrilled courgettes. Dessert was my increasingly popular sticky apple sponges and rhubarb sorbet.

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  1. Flattery and lip-smackingly delicious food....what's not to LOVE about Jason's New River revolution?? A friend of a friend recommended this tantalising option for my birthday celebrations and after previously mulling over which gastro pub to frequent AGAIN, I swiftly contacted Jason to see if he could accommodate us. GOOD CHOICE. I apologise for all the shouty caps but we're all still feeling quite enthusiastic about what a great evening we had, and it was a real treat too, incredibly personal, delicious & so much fun. There's no doubting Jason's skills as a chef - yum, yum & yum again for all three courses and a few yummies thrown in for all the tasty bits in between! A gracious & attentive host, stylish & welcoming environment & so many of our favourite tracks thoughtfully pulled together to accompany our meal that we found ourselves dancing rather excitedly under a stranger's roof! We intend to do it again soon - thank you Jason, totally brilliant. Anna