Monday 25 March 2013

Chocolate Caramels

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I wanted to make some chocolate toffees. Not chocolate covered toffees but something more akin to the middle of a Reisen. Can't find a recipe, bizarrely. And Google search keeps returning toffees covered in chocolate. Now, any damn fool can dunk a toffee in chocolate. I was going to use some of my new silicon moulds.

First I tried making a basic caramel and then adding chocolate. Yeah, on that: it probably wasn't such a good idea to experiment with my best Valrhona... but I did. Stupid!

Of course, if you add chocolate to freshly made caramel. Read: caramel at 138°C, then the chocolate almost immediately splits into oil and solids. This is what it looks like.

It's a nasty, crumbly mess. Looks a bit like volcanic fudge. Which is probably why my family still ate it all.

The solution is to wait until your caramel has cooled but is still viscous and then add IT to melted chocolate (I added equal weights of chocolate caramel) and Whisk like fury as you add. Even then there was some splittage but it seemed to whisk itself better. The result was a fabulously (I overuse that word) dark, glossy, delicious, dental-work-worrying chocolate toffee. I then covered these in more dark Valrhona.

This is the toffee... in the nude.

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