Wednesday 6 March 2013

Bacon toffee and corn bread!

Yup. We've been busy here in the NRR development kitchen. Spurred by an idea in an earlier blog I thought bacon in a maple toffee might not be a bad idea. Think of American pancakes with maple syrup and streaky. I'm thinking of an interesting, though none too light, amuse-bouche.

I found a recipe for corn bread in a Waitrose magazine which I thought would be an appropriate accompaniment. I bought some maple flavouring too for the bacon caramel. The corn bread was delicious. I made the corn bread in mini-muffin tins. Good size. I added tiny chunks of cheddar and jalapeño too. I need to work on the density though; these are too heavy for the restaurant.

Cornbread with added cheese and jalapeños

We're just at proof of concept stage here. It's all a bit ugly and ungainly. I have made a much finer version with very thin, very salty pancetta and glass like maple caramel... but I forgot to take a photo. Usual story. I think I'm going to have to invest in a decent camera.

Plastic? Do you take... bacon?


  1. Interesting idea, I think this would definitely work.

    Great blog, a pity I am on the other side of the world, limiting my opportunities to try this interesting looking deliciousness!

  2. A pity indeed. But next time you're in Palmers Green...