Wednesday 4 November 2015

Day of the (Dining) Dead

I wasn't planning any celebrations for Calan Gaeaf, also called Samhain or since the Johnny-come-lately Christians arrived: Halloween. My guests had other ideas. Possibly this was more for Maria's 40th. You have to applaud the effort.

Maria in the middle

Maria's party saw the return of soft polenta with truffled mushrooms as a starter. A much easier dish to prepare now I make the polenta in my rice cooker. I use a 5:1 ratio of liquid to grain when making it like this. Adding much butter and parmesan towards the end. This was served with thick cut mushrooms seared in a very hot skillet before adding butter and truffle paste. I decorated with crispy shallot rings and a splash of blackberry sauce. I'm rather pleased with this, although I'll have to work out now how I made the sauce - a right palaver involving a French spiced bread liqueur. I may upgrade this starter and make a mains of it by adding my slow roast pork belly on Saturday.

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