Sunday 23 August 2015

Chunky, glossy cherry jam

Designed as the fruit element in my dessert of butter fried brioche sandwich with peanut butter ice cream and smoked caramel sauce. This is very different to the shop bought fare. It's, well... fruitier and the lemon zest adds interest. It's a gloriously glossy number this. This is a fairly soft set jam. Should you want something firmer, add more sugar and/or reduce mix for longer on the hob.

Stone and halve a kilo of cherries but reserve the stones. Place cherries a heavy pan with the juice and grated zest of two lemons. Tie up the stones in a loose muslin bag and bash a bit with a rolling pin. Place the bag in with the cherries. I'm not sure how much flavour the stones adds. I need to do an A/B test but I keep forgetting.

Bring to the boil then gently simmer for around 20 minutes until the cherries are yielding but not mush. Check every few minutes after 15. Remove the stone bag and add 500g of jam sugar (with added pectin to help set the mix). Gently bring back to the boil, ensuring all the sugar has dissolved. Now boil the mix for ten minutes more, or 15 if you want a really firm set. Decant into clean containers and refrigerate. 

This will serve as a sauce as well as a jam. Good with ice cream, maybe chocolate? Definitely vanilla. Perhaps stack layers of French shortbread with this and cream chantilly?

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