Tuesday 7 July 2015

Cauliflower purée

Purée. Puree. Sheesh. Keyboard faff. My fingers seem to grow fatter and less nimble with every entry. At what point can I start dropping that damn accent off the 'e'? Not yet it seems.

One of those - but I don't like cauliflower - cauliflower dishes. I've never seen people fall on my cauliflower with such enthusiasm. Some have even been spotted smearing the last molecules from the serving dishes with scraps of Yorkshire pudding. It gladdens my heart. It comes from Tom Kitchin (was ever a chef better named?).
Pic: http://blueskyorganicfarms.com/our-farm/whats-growing/

You could also try roasting the cauli in some butter until it goes a gentle golden colour, then  purée or just eat. Wow. Or imagine using one of those purple or orange varieties? Or both! I must do that.

Cauliflower pureé
Enough for dinner for several people.

In a saucepan, gently sauté (more bloody accents!) a finely chopped onion in butter until tender - no colour just translucency. Add the white parts of whole chopped cauliflower and cover with milk. Add four whole, peeled garlic cloves and boil for fifteen minutes then drain (reserve the milk). Purée until very smooth in a blender with some more butter (naturally) and a little of the reserved milk. Season with salt and white pepper to keep the purity of colour. It's a wonderfully textured thing. Velvety.