Monday 20 April 2015

A new arrangement of knives

No more Mr Knife Block. I've thrown it out. It was asking for it. It was very old, but it kept falling over. This is irritating on its own, but it meant knives went skidding across the work surface too. Worse, a few ended up embedded in the floor. Lucky a foot wasn't there. Maybe it was a cheap one; perhaps it wasn't built to house long, heavy handled cooks' knives. I left it on the garden wall and within an hour it was gone. Look out for cooks with bandaged feet.

I knew what I wanted as a replacement but I couldn't find it in this country. You can buy magnetic knife strips to wall mount. Oh, they're EASY to find. But given that I have a whole side of a fridge sitting idle, save only as a mount for my timers, I wanted a double sided magnetic strip. Stick that to fridge and knives to that. Simple. Yeah, it's always the simple stuff that vexes the internet. I even wrote to some manufacturers - who didn't bother with a reply. I'd read about buying two Ikea jobs and gluing them together but the final product would surely sit too proud? I wanted two so I could use them to support even my heaviest knives with no chance of an aggressive door slam (I have teenagers) cascading down metallic shards of mutilation and also to ensure no scratching as I lifted a long blade off the strip.

I found the Knife Butler. A soft coated, long magnetic strip, designed for the job. Only available in the US. Looked like good value. It works. I'm chuffed. It would be good value too if the government hadn't decided to withhold the package and charge me 40% excise duty. No idea how they work these things out. And to add insult to injury, the Post Office added an £8 handling fee. Sheesh.

I've also invested in this. A Sith Lord mask? No. It's an F. Dick sharpener. (Never was an 'F.' so important!) Two or three strokes leaves my blades crisp. I'm slowly working through all my dull edges. A sharp knife turns tedium into fun. Yes, fun. 

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