Wednesday 8 October 2014

Lisa & Earlton, salsa and The League

'We all met through salsa.' Said Lisa, meaning the dance not the tomato condiment. She was once an instructor.

Above is Lisa and Earlton. I normally start with a group shot but this says far more about the evening. They both managed to foot fault my extensive collection of music. I can't remember the track we settled on. Well, I settled, they got up and danced. And yes, I wish this was a better quality shot but even with a fast lens the light was far too low and they moved way too quickly (and well). I'm happy to go with a more 'impressionistic' picture.

Earlton's promised to return with a 'League meeting'; a group of male friends. If it happens it would be our first all male dinner. What is it with men and dining? Why are only curries allowed? Bizarre.

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