Monday 14 July 2014

Manjit said 'my dancing days are behind me'. Four hours later...

That's Manjit in the middle, life and soul. Mind, she had a fair bit of competition.

An unusual weekend. Two groups of mums all originating their friendships in Woodberry Nursery school, Winchmore Hill. Was there a completive spirit as to who could make the biggest evening? Possibly.

Food wise there was nothing new to report, so I won't. I have just spent £60 on L'Olivier fruit vinegars though so will soon be prancing around here like an excited puppy. Fruit vinegar of this quality is at the heart of my dressings and glazes. It's an easy way to present something unusual. I served roast peppers, squash and courgette with my sweet, sour and smokey glaze this week. I've even drunk them with vodka and lime juice. More on this in the week.

Friday night, hosted by Helen (left) and sometimes Amy (right).
They'd all just jumped in the air (well, where else?) so Amy's a bit blurred. There's a clearer photo of her further down.
I'm making no jokes about people being a bit 'blurred' later.
Hosts Helen and Debs.
Saturday, hosted by Debs (right). These look like the more sober group here. 
Just shows how deceptive appearances can be.
I do like people to have a bit of a bop after dinner. Certainly it's not obligatory but If you can throw some shapes (sorry) in a stranger's house, it indicates a certain level of relaxation; that inhibitions have been at least parked.

I noted that as Friday evening progressed, after initially being quite reticent, Manjit grew more sure of her preferences. At one point, telling me to 'take off that crap' - the music her friends had just selected. I found it hard to deny her.

Saturday's night's guests took a little longer to take to the dance floor (the back lounge with the rug rolled up) but lacked no gusto once established. I think the early work was done by Cindy (below). She's South African and knew and liked my favourite new band Die Antwoord from Cape Town. I think they are spectacularly creative and original.

And here's that clearer photo of Amy I mentioned. She looks a little startled here though. Maybe it's due to Kirsten's nun impression. Best not to ask too many questions.

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