Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sorry Jo

There's a line Morecambe & Wise used to use...

Jo booked in with a lively group of ten. I like to take a group shot and usually several during the evening and obviously try and take some good photos of the host, looking their best, as much as a thank you as anything else. Sadly not here. It's tricky to photograph people when they're eating, that frozen moment in time is often unflattering, the tongue protrudes in expectation, the lids half closed, the jaw extends. It's not pretty. Sometimes it's a sneeze half way through, often a laugh contorting the face into something even your mother might slap in shock. Tonight was such. I don't have a single great shot. Nope. In fact I don't even have a half decent one of the host. Sorry Jo. 

Look. Even here, after making everyone smile (thanks), you then roared with laughter - giving me this. Next time I'll do a few of you, just you. No distracting friends, no food, no olive tree to eat.

The menu was similar to Friday's but some, not liking crab, had goats cheese on toast with grape must (mosto cotto).
Mains was beef short rib.

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