Friday, 6 February 2015

Goodbye to Sally

Sally, all grins, in green

Mr Phil gives his curd away.
Sally works for Enfield Social Services and this was her friends' send off. Probably the most relaxed time Etien and I have ever had. Only six diners, so no plating problems and very little washing up. A salad starter and slow braised lamb shank main meant no fussy prep. At the half way point we were looking for things to do.

I'd called into Wildes earlier that day for a few tubs of their curd cheese. This is becoming almost a regular visit for me. They are moving to bigger premises soon and are promising new dairy ventures. Can't wait.

Lamb shanks (slow briased in foil for six hours with rendered lamb fat, garlic, rosemary and red wine) were served with crushed peas and broad beans, potatoes dauphinoise and the return of my roast carrot purée. I'm going to sous vide the carrots with butter next time so absolutely no moisture is lost.

We turn them into this.
An overexposed lamb shank, with crushed, herbed legumes and roast carrot purée.
Just set. By far my best custard tart. Now I know the secret: cook it slowly to 70°C.

After dinner there were gifts and memories and some emotion.

And then some of this. Hope you enjoyed your send off, Sally.

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