Monday, 26 January 2015

Nicole's very sober party

Easily the most sober of all my groups. Nicole's party of eight arrived with two bottles of wine, left with one, and donated me a couple of glasses at the end.  Else it was all water and Diet Coke.

Nicole had made things very easy on me, stipulating only lamb shanks for the main; the rest to be decided by me.

For starter I chose curd cheese from Wildes, our local cheesemakers, with baked beetroot, lambs lettuce and toasted pine nuts with a lime and mint dressing. This is a delicious dish but beetroot is a bloody pain to plate up; purple paw prints get everywhere!

Dessert was a new one: custard tart with forced rhubarb two ways, orange baked and sorbet. I've dedicated an entire blog to that.

My dessert kit. Some further cooking maybe necessary.

I'm going to write a PhD one day on dinner party seating choices (Hi, I'm Jason, a real fun guy) You see that male/female split on this table? That usually means one thing: football talk.

The group chatted enthusiastically to Etien. This always pleases him - and me. Aged fourteen he bounces between adolescent arrogance and teenage timidity; he's never quite sure of his line. Neither am I to be honest. I know guests aren't there to see me but I don't want to appear distant or aloof.

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