Sunday, 21 December 2014

Naked Bar!

Don't fret. It's not me. Perish the thought. In this weather... perish everything.

Dr Sutton's Winter Warmer
The last party of 2014 was one of the very best. Lindsy and Richard with family and friends. They stayed late, danced a little and we all had a wonderful, convivial, warm-embracing time of generous spirit. Talking of which... I broke out my Dr Sutton's Winter Warmer - a particular drink of spiced tequila, with twenty aromatics and some Scotch Bonnets, infused over six weeks. It warms all the way down.

Richard entertained hugely with a tale of gunpoint arrest in a US air force base, merely for upholding the venerable RAF tradition of 'naked bar'. More than this I cannot divulge.

Secret Santa also came, as you can see in the top picture.

Guests ate another pair of wellies - beef and roast vegetable. For some reason, impossible to cut nicely. Starter of onion and mascarpone tart - I must take a decent pic of that one day. Keep forgetting. Dessert of vanilla cheesecake with blackberries in a blackberry and clove sauce.

What is it? What is it?
Yay! It's a hat.

Love this pic. Such joy.


If you want nudity... this is the best I can do. A naked Wellington. Makes me go 'Cor!' anyway

And finally. We are closed until Jan 3rd. A very happy Christmas from us and the New River Restaurant pig-face-toilet-roll-tree-fairy. 

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