Friday, 3 October 2014

Stellios and friends and wine

"I like to match my wines to the food." Said Stellios. And so he did. I don't think any single person has brought more, nor taken away more drink. I'm not complaining that he didn't drink enough (he left me a couple of choice bottles too - many thanks). Stellios arrived brimming with spirit and wines - not so much a selection as a portable cellar, including two (or three?) chiller bags packed with ice.

Shaking the hand of a man whose laugh was loud, deep and frequent and who brandished a bottle of 1977 port, I knew the evening would be a success. Here was a host who wasn't going to allow timidity or querulousness. And so it turned out.

There was, of course, dancing with Stellios even leading some sort of formation at one point.

I've been invited to his house, albeit next year, for a barbecue. Apparently his wife makes the best souvla in North London. A bold claim indeed. In fact, that's fighting talk around these parts.

Finally. Another photograph. Can you spot the difference? You did ask for it Stell'. xJ

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