Thursday, 23 October 2014

On serving chicken to a vegetarian.

Heather (centre front) and friends

"And what does the vegetarian get?" Said Heather, as I proudly put the amuse bouche of chicken and sherry consommé before them. Gah! I'd forgotten.

In the winter months I normally serve an amuse bouche of cream of mushroom and truffle soup. It's universally popular... almost. "Oh. I'm not that keen on mushrooms." Heather had told me on the phone, when we were discussing the menu. I told her not to worry. And so preoccupied was I to give her a palatable alertave that I totally forgot one of her group was pescetarian. Luckily I had a smidge of mushroom base in the fridge from the Friday booking so whisked up (literally) some velouté for a very patient Polly.

That was the only slip though  I'd not forgotten the fish for the main dish. That's one of my great fears - to have lost my notes and my memory and push some veal in front of a vegan. It's a point of honour for me that vegetarians not feel 'other' during the meal. None of your 'I'll just have it without the gravy". Sorry Polly.

The meal ended well though, especially for me: chocolate soufflés that rose perfectly. That's a bloody relief. I'd been feeling cursed.

I need a faster lens. It was spring when I started doing the group shot and there was plenty of light coming through the glass roof. Now it's dark when diners arrive and I have a choice of either ruining the ambience by banging on the big light or having a tad of motion blur in the pictures. As you can see, I opted for the latter.

but fast lenses are expensive. Anyone have a second hand Canon fit, f2.8, 50-70 lens going cheap?

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