Monday, 12 May 2014

Fiona & friends... and the return of the goat (s cheese soufflé)

Kidderton Ash goats cheese
I thought the suggestion that someone lie on the carpet a bit cheeky... but Florence virtually dived in. I'm glad she did. Quite the ice breaker and I think this is my favourite group shot so far. Not sure what to name it. Maybe the semi-recumbant? Fiona's on the right.

I started with the goats cheese soufflé again. It's been a while and I forgot what a good dish it was. I've experminated a lot with types of goats cheese, definitely preferring the soft over the hard. I've settled on Kidderton Ash; a soft, tending to chalky, texture with a washed rind, almost like chamois leather. I blend the whole thing, rind and all, before adding to the egg mix. I didn't use a bain marie this time. There are ferocious arguments about this on-line. But I never used one for my chocolate soufflés around Christmas and they all came out slippery and soft. Bain maries are a pain anyway: ramekins of towering but ephemeral fluffiness sliding round in a bath of boiling water as you negotiate the trip from oven to work surface. Not good. Cheese soufflés have a very high impress/work ratio. People still believe they are difficult. Honestly, if you can make a sponge cake, you can pop these out.

These were served simply, with a garnish of dressed watercress and a spoonful of roast onion confit.

I also served sweet Yorkshire puddings as a dessert but my plating was awful so I didn't photograph it. Take a look at Saturday's affair for pictures of my second attempt.

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